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How do I make money from my gallery?
Just like with any major online art gallery, you, as the owner, take a commission on every sale. You can set the commission percentage in the Admin Panel.

When a sale is made you receive the money of the sale price from the buyer. Then the artist packages and ships the artwork directly to the buyer. When the artwork is received by the buyer, you send the artist his share, which equals to the sale price less your commission.


What happens when there is a sale in my gallery?
When there is a sale you receive the money from the buyer directly in your Paypal account.
At the same time the system will automatically send 3 emails:

1/ One message is sent to you to let you know there is a sale.
This message includes the following information: Artwork ID, buyer’s contact info, artist’s contact info, Price, and your commission rate.

2/ One message is sent to the artist, which includes: Artwork ID, buyer’s shipping address and the terms of the sale (deadline to ship...).

3/ One message is sent to the buyer to confirm that the artist will ship the item to his address within X days.

Once the artwork has reached the buyer’s shipping address you just need to send his share of the price to the artist (his share equals the sale price less your commission).

These messages can be edited from the Admin Panel.


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